Ayurvedic Treatment for Influenza (Flu)

INFLUENZA is an infectious and contagious  disease, marked by depression, distressing fever, acute catarrhal inflammation of the nose, larnyx and bronchi, neuralgic and muscular pains, gastro-intestinal disorder and nervous disturbances. It is caused by a filterable virus  that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs and often that virus occurs in epidemic form. The …

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WHAT ARE THE PRECONCEPTION CARE IN AYURVEDA Dr.Divya Siju BAMS,MD Preconception care is also equally important for healthy young couples as well as couples facing fertility issues. The preconception care as per Ayurveda ensures a physically, mentally, intellectually healthy progeny. To prepare for the desirable and quality pregnancy outcome, preconception care is essential . It …



IMPORTANCE OF PRE CONCEPTIONAL CARE Dr.Divya Siju BAMS,MD      Ante natal care and post natal care are very important to ensure the well being of both the mother and her child. But, preconception care is also equally important. Obstetrics complications are unpredictable. The pregnant woman is facing the environmental pollution, diet and lifestyle changes, infertility treatments, …


Ayurveda treatment for Female Sterility and infertility

  THE UNION of sperm and ovum and their implantation in the wall of the uterus leads to the development or the foetus. For the proper development of a foetus, proper nourishment should be provided through the mother, and the mother should be free from diseases during the period of conception and gestation. Sterility in females …

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Urticaria/ Hives

Ayurveda cure for Urticaria / Hives,- Sheeta Pitta This is a vascular reaction of the skin characterised by the transient appearance of elevated patches which are redder or paler than the surrounding skin and often attended by itching. In Ayurveda this is called sheeta pitta. Allergens, taking cold bath immediately after exercise, when the body …

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Cassia alata / Ringworm shrub

Cassia alata Linn./  Senna alata Family _ Caesalpiniaceae. Habitat _ Native to the West Indies. Found wild almost throughout India. Common Names Hindi – प्रपुन्नाड Prapunnad, एड़गज Ergaj, Dadmurdan दादमुर्दन Kannada- ಸೀಮೆ ಅಗಸೆ Sime Agase Malayalam – മലന്തകര Malamtakara, പുഴുക്കടിത്തകര Puzhukkadittakara, ആനത്തകര Aanattakara,, ശീമ അഗത്തി Seema Agatti Marathi- शिमई अगसे Shimai Agase Sanskrit- एडगजः Edagaja, …

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Anaemia/ Pandu I N AYURVEDA, anaemia is known as pandu. The term anaemia means lack of red blood corpuscles or of haemoglobin. It may be caused by  haemorrhages from the body by injury, bleeding piles, or bleeding from nose, mouth, lungs, anus, genital tract, etc., inadequate supply of blood-forming ingredients through food. Dietary iron, vitamin …

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High Blood Pressure Blood is pumped by the heart to all parts of the body through arteries, its branches and numerous capillaries. When the heart contracts, blood is forced into the arteries and thus exerts a positive pressure on the walls of these channels. When the heart dilates, the pressure in the arteries is reduced …

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Gunja-Indian Wild Liquorice-usage-and-benefits-in-ayurvedam

Gunja – Indian Wild Liquorice

Abrus precatorius Linn. Family _ Papilionaceae; Fabaceae. Habitat _ Throughout the country, ascending to an altitude of about 1050 m in the outer Himalayas. English _ Indian Wild Liquorice, Jequirity, Crab’s Eye, Precatory Bean. Ayurvedic _ Gunjaa, Gunjaka, Chirihintikaa, Raktikaa, Chirmiti, Kakanti, Kabjaka, Tiktikaa, Kaakananti, Kaakchinchi. (Not to be used as a substitute for liquorice.) …

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