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Preconception care is also equally important for healthy young couples as well as couples facing fertility issues. The preconception care as per Ayurveda ensures a physically, mentally, intellectually healthy progeny. To prepare for the desirable and quality pregnancy outcome, preconception care is essential . It may reduce the risk of adverse outcomes such as congenital defects, miscarriage and preterm delivery, as I have detailly mentioned about its importance in the previous article THE IMPORTANCE OF PRE CONCEPTIONAL CARE( )
Ayurveda stresses immense significance to the preparation of both partners prior to conception.
Sthree hi moolamapathyanam
sthri: rakshathi rakshitha:”
Factors coming under this topic are:
1.Points to be noted while selecting  a couple for marriage.
               1 Age
               2 Athulyagothra
               3 Asanchari roga
               4 Healthy- mentally and physically
2.Preconceptional regimen
3.Preconceptional-special dietetics
4.Factors essential for conception
5.Factors for delayed conception.
According to Indian penal code:

  • Marriageable age-

        Female18 and Male 21

  • Interpretation according to the law-

( female more dependable)
But according to susrutha samhita,
Sushruta said that male become sexually mature at the age of 25years and females at the age of 16years , hence, they should attempt for achieving conception. Since both the partners are full of valour and vigour at this age, the born child also possesses these qualities.
Vadhu’-belongs to ‘athulyagothreeyam’
athulyagothreeyam-consanguinous marriages
Common genetic fallouts of c.m

  • Physical deformities
  • Heart diseases
  • Mental retardation
  • Deafness-sensory neural deafness is common
  • Death of infants before, during or immediately after birth
  • Blindness-retinitis pigmentosa
  • Increased susceptibility to disease

vadhu’-without ‘asanchari rog’     

    • Means without contagious diseases like STDs
    • STDs such as Chlamydia &gonorrhea are a leading cause of infertility,
    • Also if women have such deseases-possibility of    complications in child- treated preconceptionally and regain the health, only after that plan for a pregnancy
  • Same with male also

Teenage pregnancy     

  1. To have a growth restricted babies. ( durbalendriya, vikalendriya , adhanya)                                       Preterm labour (garbham kukshistha )
  2. IUD (  Eva vinasam)         
  3. Higher infant mortality(jado va na chiram  )
  4. Low birth wt.(jeeved,alpayu   )
  5. Studies suggest that neural canal defect are more in  teenage pregnancies (vikalendriya)


  • Pregnancy after 35
  • At increased risk for – obstetrical    Complications, Perinatal mortality and morbidity
  • Down syndrome more likely to occur in old age pregnancies

Consider ‘age’ as an imp factor
Age for conception is only after attaining full maturity
Max fruitful age of female:20-24
In female-uncommon <12&>45
In male-no max age,
aging-affect sperm  shape and motility ie aging does have an effect.
The ability to conceive decrease with ageing.
Areas for special attention
3.Preconceptional-special dietetics
 “Naram viseshal ksheeraajya madhuroushadha samskrutaih
  Nareem tailena mashaischa pittalai samupacharet.”           (Vagbhata)

  • Milk, Ghee, Date, Ghee & milk medicated with anabolic herbs should be taken by male partner.
  • Sesame oil & Black gram should be taken along with balanced diet by female partner .

Sesamum oil has :

  1. Vataghna &
  2. Kapha-pittaprakopa action
  3. But by the sanskara  it acts as tridosha shamaka.
  4. Garbhashaya vishodana.
  5. It has  action on rajorodha, kashtartava etc due to its vatahara (apanavata )
  1. Regularizing the menstruation & hence promotes ovulation.
  2. Best balya & vrushya due to snigdha guna.

Black gram (Masha)

  1.  It is balya, vrushya, alleriates vata & promotes vigor.
  2. It contains vit. B, folic acid,

magnesium, iron& calcium which are all
essential factors for conception.

  • The male is advised to consume

Ghee & milk medicated with madhura
group of drugs.

  • The Ghee (ghruta) has the property of imparting strength & improves tonicity.
  • It nourishes the body.
  • With all these qualities make the sperm

healthy & vigor tonic.

  • Milk -gives strength, nourishes the

body & promotes jatharagni which in
turns increase dhatwgni resulting in
formation of all dhatus, including shrukra dhatu which is the main source of sperm.

  • It increases the quality & quantity of

sperm instantly.
ApathyaRegimens- Do’s & Don’ts

  • Women & men should avoid hot

spices, Processed food, Coffee /Tea /Cold drinks

  • Alcohol, Pan, Chocolate fast-food,
  • Smoking, Alcohol, Tobacco chewing,
  • Fasting/Dieting, Sleeping during day time,
  • Staying awake at night, Heavy exercise,
  • X-ray, Over exposure of sun, fire, Over
  • use of computer, mobile, Tight & synthetic  clothes and undergarment
  • Stress, anxiety.
  • This may decrease the ovulatory function & spermatogenesis.

Yoga & Pranayama-
Practice of Yoga & Pranayama can be especially helpful in providing a systematic method of producing complete physical, mental & emotional relaxation for both partners before conception. They concentrate on psychological  aspect; breathing& increasing flexibility, apart from development of physical status
Psychological Intervention-
In Ayurveda, the achar rasayan was clearly mentioned. The thoughts which occupy the mind of the couple before & during conception can produce foetus resembling the nature of thoughts. Stress affects many of the hormonal system.
Health Education & Counseling-
This includes understanding of the following:

  • age,
  • proper diet & nutrition,
  • stress,
  • pollution, radiation,
  • bad habits, & genito – urinary infections.
  • Rasayan, Pumsavana, sadvritta& achar rasayan etc
  • Partners should be counseled regarding the benefits of the following
    • Activities like Exercise,
    • Maintain the optimum weight, Consuming nutrient diet,
    • and preventing infection.

Spiritual Interventions
This is also a time to cleanse yourself of any dysfunctionalities within—any anger, greed, attachment, or excess pride and ego. Release all expectations of life and of yourself and even any expectations that you may have of your future child. Daily affirmation and prayer is important.
Physical Cleansing
The cleanse serves to clear toxins (ama) and excess doshas so that channels flow freely and toxins do not inhibit the proper functioning of any tissue.

  1. Intense cleansing; undergo panchakarma for a minimum of two weeks.
  1. Gentle cleansing; Ease back into the routine of a more gentle cleanse, that’s Eat an easy-to-digest diet, follow good habits including the routine of self massage (abhyanga) and gentle yoga.

“Pregnancy is the ultimate call for rejuvenation.”
The intention of rejuvenation is ultimately to build Ojas (the essence of vitality and immunity). Charaka, author of the most referenced ancient Ayurvedic text, explains the importance of Ojas in relation to pregnancy: “It is the Ojas which keeps all the living beings refreshed. There can be no life without Ojas. Ojas marks the beginning of embryo.” Whatever makes you feel more full, juicy, content, and nourished builds Ojas.
Emotional Rejuvenation
Rejuvenate your relationship with your partner through strong and powerful emotions of joy, love, and abundance. Author of the Ayurvedic textbook on obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Tiwari, writes, “Normalcy of psychology or happiness of couple is most important for conception.”
Physical Rejuvenation
The practices which will feed into the physical rejuvenation of the nutritious fluids, field, and seeds quite naturally are to be followed.
4.Factors essential for conception
Ayurvedic reproductive science show promising responses in Defects of

  1. Ritu(Rakta)/The time
  2. Kshetra(Garbhasaya,Marga)
  3. Ambu/Fluid and nutrition
  4. Beeja/Sperm and ovum

Ritukala-proper time for coitus for effective conception{12-16 days after menstruation)
Ritumati charya- Pubertal  age

  • Kapha & pitta almost equal strength
  • Equal consideration for dhatupushti and artava vridhi
  • Taila and masha are kaphapittakara

Reproductive organs-so healthy and properly functioning reproductive structures are essential for conception
In our science 20 yonirogas are described and said if not treated conception is difficult.
‘Ithi yonigatha nari…… garbham na grahanadi’
Treatment -Garbhashaya sodhanam
Ambu-ahararasa of women which provides nutrion for the formation and development of embryo.Improperly used rasa does not produce garbha.
  ‘Na cha evamasayagupayujyamana rasa garbham nirvarthayanthi’
One among shadbhavas-thripthi,pushti, ulsaham

  • A healthy diet-provide proper nutrition-boost your chances of conceiving a child-both for future father and mother
    Remedy- Kapha pitta sodhanam

And maintaining a Favorable endometrium
Ovum – dadimabeejam with milk
Sperm- Vara,aswagandha,yashti-with milk and ghee
Pre conception herbal preparations

  • Sukumara grita    
  • Kumaryasava
  • Aswagandharishta+Draksharishta
  • Narayana tailam
  • Tila kwadha
  • Saptasaram kashayam
  • Phalasarpis
  • Ksheerabala(101)
  • Dadimadi grita

Ayurvedic modality can provide  global solution in several life style related problems .Also provide preventive approach & pro motive health care for the couples. By the end of reading this guide, we hope that you feel empowered as a couple—emotionally, spiritually, and physically. If you encounter significant problems that are not amenable to the recommendations above, then see an Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurveda has remarkable tools that can help assist you in completing your family.

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