DashamoolaJeerakarishtam or Dashamoola Jeerakam is an Ayurvedic medicine in liquid form which is  mainly used in post natal care ( after-delivery) of the mother.

Dashamoola Jeerakam Ingredients:
It is a combination of equal parts of two medicines – Dasamoolarishtam and Jeerakarishtam.

Dasamoola Jeerakam Uses:
It is prescribed to the mothers, after delivery.  It is also used in vata disorders and indigestion kind of conditions. It improves the peristaltic movement.
It improves appetite.

Dasamoola Jeerakam side effects:
High dose may cause gastric irritation.

Dose: – 15 – 30 ml, once or twice a day  after food, as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

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