Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth

Baldness Cure is possible

  BALDNESS may be local or general. Normally, people are found with hairlessness on a circumscribed area of the skull or the beard. In worst cases, hair of the beard, eye lashes, eyebrows, armpits and even pubic region is lost. In Ayurveda this condition is known as khalitya,. Excessive mental worry, anxiety and anger are considered to be the cause of this ailment. A type of pathogenic organism is also considered to be the cause of loss of hair from the body including head. Even though it does not cause any physical pain, it creates a lot of psychic problems. A sort of inferiority complex develops in the mind of the patient, specially because of the effect of baldness on beauty.                                   


Bhringaraja is the drug of choice for the treatment of this disease. Maha-bhringaraja taila or Nilibhringadi- taila is commonly prescribed by the physicians. This is to be gently massaged over the scalp about one hour before taking bath. By this massage some of the existing weak hair fall out. Therefore, in the beginning, the head will look thinner and the baldness would appear as if increasing. The patient should not get scared by this. In fact, it is better if the whole head is thoroughly shaved and then this oil is used for massage over it. It should be used constantly for about six months before any significant result could be achieved. Powder of Bhri11garaja should be given to the patient orally. One teaspoonful of this powder should be mixed with honey and given in empty stomach, twice a day. Elephant tusk is very popularly used by Ayurvedic physicians for the treatment of this ailment. The tusk is cut into small pieces and burnt to ashes. This is rubbed with ghee or honey over the patches, daily. This can preferably be done at night so that the ash or bhasma of elephant tusk remains in contact with the skin of the skull for overnight.Some irritating medicines are also used for the treatment of this condition. There are very specific ayurvedic medicines based on each individual and disease and its stage.  They work very well if the baldness appears in the young age.  


Weakness is often the cause of hair fall and the patient should, therefore, take nourishing diet. Meat, fish, ghee, butter, milk and such other high-protein diet is normally recommended. Care should be taken to keep the liver free from overwork. Therefore, fried things are strictly prohibited for such patients.

Other regimens:

Worry is one of the primary causes of baldness. The patient should, therefore, try to maintain a tranquil disposition and avoid anxiety. Spending sleepless nights, excessive sexual indulgence, and suppression of the natural urges of stool and urine, are strictly prohibited. A constipated patient is likely to get disturbed sleep. The tension further aggravates the baldness. The patient should, therefore, see that he gets clear motions every day. A glass of water in the early morning will be quite helpful for the patient. It will be necessary for him to walk for about 2-3. kilometres either in the morning or in the evening. Many hair oils are advertised in newspapers to cure baldness. Most of them make exaggerated claims. The patient is, therefore, advised not to go in for them and consult a physician.

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