Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine from India that uses a constitutional model. Its aim is to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle so that healthy people can stay healthy and folks with health challenges can improve their health.

There are several aspects to Ayurveda that are quite unique:
1.Its recommendations will often be different for each person regarding which foods and which lifestyle they should follow in order to be completely healthy. This is due to it’s use of a constitutional model.

2.Everything in Ayurveda is validated by observation, inquiry, direct examination and knowledge derived from the ancient texts.

3.It understands that there are energetic forces that influence nature and human beings. These forces are called the Tridosha

4.Because Ayurveda sees a strong connection between the mind and the body, a huge amount of information is available regarding this relationship.

Dr.Siju Muraleedharan
Consultant in Ayurveda and Astrology
Sreepathy CVN Kalari Ayurveda Hospital,

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  1. I had severe headache problem for years along with vertigo, one of my friend suggested Sreepathy Ayurveda clinic and Dr.Siju, from the treatment there, in the first day itself I got a great relief and now am completely cured from my issues and I am able to work . Thank you Dr Siju

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